Technology + Humanitarian Relief Barcamp (June 2009)

Sorry that I could not stay for the rest of the day today. I would like to send a quick thanks to Heather, Noel, Andrew and everyone else that made this event possible.

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I want to second your sentiments. I followed on Twitter and was able to attend the ignite. Timely and terrific!
Heather, Noel and Andrew -- thank you thank you thank you!
Heather and Team,

Sorry I could not be there, but thanks to technology I did not miss out completely on this excellent event. Kudos!

Hi Everyone, we were absolutely thrilled with the results. Everyone who came and those who participated virtually made CrisisCamp a terrific event. More importantly, hopefully this becomes a real ongoing opportunity to "help the helpers" in a crisis. We absolutlely appreciate the kudos but its you all who made this event special.




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