Technology + Humanitarian Relief Barcamp (June 2009)

More Camps!
(1) CrisisCamp West (@crisiscampwest) in California (likely San Francisco) will there be one in LA (@lafdtalk @brianhumphrey)? September 18-20th. For more information tweet @kristinhogan or email crisiscampwest (at)
(2) Rescheduling of CrisisCamp UK @dominiccampbell
(3) Interest in CrisisCampNYC @johndsolomon and @williamv @break_glass
(4) Your city?

Public Engagement (Silona and Kirstin Hogan)
(1) Reinvent preparedness call to action. Inspire people to be prepared. Perhaps setting specific tasks.
(2) GAMES! Pandemic Flu
(3) Preparedness Apps - Facebook Crisis Preparedness Badges

Tech Without Borders (Burners without Borders)
(1) Create an emergency response team of technology volunteers "Emergency Tech Corps of responders"
(2) LAFD invitation in the fall for exercise/training

Hackistan Codeathon (Phil & Jeff from Google/Jeremy from Yahoo!/Patrick from Microsoft)
FOSS Software to assist humanitarian response agencies

Hackistan would bring together engineers from across the private sector and the world who wanted to contribute to an open source data architecture to assist in humanitarian coordination efforts in Pakistan

(1) Identification of Requirements for the Hackistan Challenge (input taken by Jeff Martin)
(2) Meet up on Friday, June 19th at 4:30pm at Fortius One
(3) Issue challenge (date?)

iWitness Project (Heather, Hunter Whitney, Matt)
Establish a partnership with mobile phone manufacturer, telecom carrier, NGOs in country to provide data aggregation for a humanitarian relief common operating picture in crisis areas of Pakistan.

Crisis Commons Speakeasy (Common Language List)
(1) Create common language set between domestic, international and private sector partners

Silona's Magical Mystery Van
(1) Traveling WIFI vehicle with satellite uplink to power WIFI enabled phones and computers

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