Technology + Humanitarian Relief Barcamp (June 2009)

Filters/Right Clicks/Documentation/i am at google group/gmail/igoogle dashboard chat

Need your help:  is there a wiki for newly joining folks or less computer savvy folks?  Could be helpful to have so that information training is available for people that want to join our efforts.  (How, What is Twitter, fB, how the info flows thru google, gmail, igoogle and the available tool bars and buttons.)  Could also be helpful for a consecutive step process so that blogs do not become confusing/entangled, particularly, where to post notes that are for private review.  Figuring some of that out with "permissions".

Available by computer. Will figure out what to have open on desk top to receive updates/incoming mail, etc. Going in thru iGoogle/google/firefox.  Please just jump in if there is advise, critique, or guidance.  Would like to be more effectual.

Welcome John, our radio wing man. He was swamped the last time we communicated.  Do not have updates from him or communique as to how to be of service.

This evening as i move along, will be online, still figuring out the best apps, etc so that i may chat (igoogle dashboard? so far, and fB), gather, filter/sort and save info (shareWiki?) NEED to have better understanding of Glue and all the different Google applications: google, igoogle, gmail, google reader...

IS There a way to have any Haiti related info turned into RSS through a mouse click?  IF Article is read in goggle reader, how is the RSS manageability accounted for there? 

Running to the store, will be back computer side in about 45 minutes or so....

Thank you, in advance, for taking the time to read this...

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Just posted side bar wiki about suggestions for quick use of blogs in regards to our purpose with cc.


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