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Project Meeting - Tomorrow, Friday, June 19 4:30 at Fortius One

Just a reminder - we are meeting at Fortius One at 4:30 tomorrow to

follow up on the Hackathon discussion.

Let me know if you are coming so we can expect you -

I've shared a document with you called "CrisisCamp Hackathon":

It's… Continue

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CrisisCamp Twitter Archive - thanks Pam Broviak

June 14, 2009

12:49 am younghahn: #crisiscamp

3:27 am xpeditenetwork: Ready for day two of #crisiscamp. No disaster is too great for us (unless we run out of coffee)

5:27 am svenburg: @vladvino thanks Vlad! Camping day # 2 today. #crisiscamp

6:03 am kgfreeman: Running late to #crisiscamp, but because the metro is running late this time

6:10 am NoelDickover: RT @spara - Head full from #crisiscamp, watching Terminator Salvation to see if I can apply lessons… Continue

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CrisisCamp Ignite Sessions

Check out

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The Importance of "GPS Coordinates": Hurricane Dean AAR

Another Good After Action Report (AAR)

Texas Governor's Division of Emergency Management's 2007 Hurricane Dean AAR

The importance of "GPS Coordinates"

"The SOC should consider including the GPS coordinates of key locations (including reception centers, command centers, fuel points, etc.) in communications."

(One can bet there were many more similar lessons from the 2008 hurricane season.)

A… Continue

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CrisisCamp Ignite Session Presentations

Will there be a shared site for hosting the Ignite Session Presentations or should we contact the individual presenters to request a copy of the .PPTs?

I'd be very interested in reviewing them and getting the most out of the work that was put into them.

Added by David Ledet on June 16, 2009 at 6:30pm — 2 Comments

Where to we go from here?

More Camps!

(1) CrisisCamp West (@crisiscampwest) in California (likely San Francisco) will there be one in LA (@lafdtalk @brianhumphrey)? September 18-20th. For more information tweet @kristinhogan or email crisiscampwest (at)

(2) Rescheduling of CrisisCamp UK @dominiccampbell

(3) Interest in CrisisCampNYC @johndsolomon and @williamv @break_glass

(4) Your city?

Public Engagement (Silona and Kirstin Hogan)

(1) Reinvent preparedness… Continue

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A simple idea.

CrisisCamp was just a simple idea. How can technology help people who are experiencing crisis?

We tweeted the idea. You showed up, you organized, you talked about zombies and elephants. Coffee was on tap, pizza was consumed. Ideas were created. Approaches were considered. Relationships were created (or reestablished).

All of this was because you. Take a good look at - this movement is what we make of it.

Its up to each one of us!… Continue

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"Dealing in Security" - Simple Critical Infrastructure Mapping


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CrisisCamp Messaging Spreadsheet

In terms of getting the right message out for making CrisisCamp go viral, we're working on this messaging spreadsheet:

Gimme your email if you want edit rights and I'll add you.

Added by Noel Dickover on June 14, 2009 at 1:30pm — 1 Comment

Preparedness for Earthquake Season - A Common Language of Location

Preparedness for Earthquake Season (

While often times a year or more is spent planning for special events, and even hurricanes can provide a few days advance notice, there are many other human caused or natural hazards where all response and recovery assets will need to be on “the same map sheet of music” (to borrow from former FEMA director James Lee Witt’s Feb. 2002 White Paper), day one, hour one and beyond if we are to best… Continue

Added by Mark A. Whitney on June 13, 2009 at 12:30pm — 2 Comments

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